The Drum Corps International Board of Directors discussed two rules proposals at their annual meeting in Miami, Florida. After several hours of deliberation the directors voted accordingly on the issue of allowing applification: Blue Devils, yes; Blue Knights, yes; Bluecoats, no; Boston Crusaders, yes; The Cadets, yes; Carolina Crown, no; The Cavaliers, no; Colts, no; Crossmen, yes; Glassmen, no; Madison Scouts, no; Phantom Regiment, no; Pioneer, no; Santa Clara Vanguard, no; Southwind, no; Troopers, no. Drum Corps International at-large directors voted as follows: Mike Kehoss, no; Mark Stasa, no; Tom Yorton, no; Steve Auditore, absent.The motion failed with five (5) yes votes and fourteen (14) no votes. The motion of allowing electronics was withdrawn because amplification failed.The Drum Corps International directors would like to thank all of the fans, volunteers, parents and corps members for actively stating their position through letters, emails and phone calls. The corps directors look forward to seeing you in the stands.