From a Boston Crusaders' press release: Creativity, innovation, and entertainment are words that fans frequently associate with the Boston Crusaders and this year is no exception. The 2003 production, entitled "Bravo!," brings dramatic, Spanish-flavored music to the field to create an unforgettable show, filled with beauty, excitement, passion and splendor. The first part of the show, entitled "Danzas de Pasion," brings the corps off the line with waves of incredible sound and color. The designers have structured the opener into dances that interweave traditional Spanish melodies throughout the piece. Throughout the movement, the percussion section utilizes different rhythmic devices to lay the groundwork for each section of the work. Hold on to your heart as the Crusaders break into their ballad "La Oracion." A communication of hope, prayer and thought, this piece, based on the Josh Groban's vocal hit, "The Prayer," will move and carry you through a range of emotions in the Boston Crusaders signature style. The beauty of the corps' lush brass choir, coupled with the eloquence of the front ensemble percussion, will create a moving experience you will long remember. Because audience entertainment is what drives the Boston Crusaders' approach to drum corps, the corps frequently presents familiar melodies in understandable yet innovative ways. In "Fantasia del Torero," the finale to this year's show, the corps takes two drum corps classics, "Maleguena" and "Spanish Fantasy," and molds them into a piece that displays power, tradition, and cutting edge eurhythmic presentation. Look for the communicative color guard to be showcased on equipment and modern dance in ways that create a definitive interpretation of these memorable Spanish songs. The conclusion brings all the show's elements together with a fiery passion that is sure to bring the house down. Year after year, the Boston Crusasders work to create an audience experience that combines artistry, entertainment and excellence. Grab a hold of your heart and soul as you witness this year's journey.