The deadline to purchase pre-championship Audio Performance Downloads (APD) recorded live at select events during the 2007 Summer Music Games Tour is approaching. Friday, Sept. 28, all currently posted APDs will go offline to make way for the final corps performances of the 2007 season.

Currently available APDs from the 2007 season:

Pasadena, CA (Div. I Quarterfinals)

Pasadena, CA (Div. II & III Prelims)

Wilmot, WI (July 22)

San Antonio, TX (July 21-evening)

San Antonio, TX (July 21-afternoon)

New London, CT (July 14)

Madison, WI (June 29)

Elizabeth, PA (June 28)

Walnut, CA (June 23)

Omaha, NE (June 20)

Annapolis, MD (June 16)

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