From an Oregon Crusaders press release: The Oregon Crusaders are pleased to announce the finalization of a partnership with Dynasty USA for years to come. After several months of talking and negotiations, OC and Dynasty USA have come to an exciting deal that will help lead the Oregon Crusaders to the next level with their explosive growth. The Oregon Crusaders had relied heavily on borrowing equipment until Dynasty USA stepped forward and asked how they could help them. Executive director Bill Perkins said, "The Oregon Crusaders are excited about having Dynasty USA equipment for their corps. We took a lot of time and looked at many options but Dynasty USA came out on top. It was nice to be able to work with one company for all the different parts of the corps. We purchased horns, drums and pit equipment from them for the coming season. "Delivery has been taking place the last couple of weeks and we got to use them at this month's camp. Wow, what a difference in sound! We are very excited about being part of the Dynasty USA family. Their equipment has come a long way over the few short years they have been making instruments and we believe they have the best over all line of equipment out there." The deal will include a full set of horns, battery and pit. Oregon Crusaders' percussion caption head Ronnie LaGrone said, "I am excited to be onboard with Dynasty USA! Rock-hard maple shells, a custom finish, the most consistently even mounting system for marching tenors on the market, superb sound and tuning, outstanding quality and customer service -- these are just a few things that the Oregon Crusaders percussionists will enjoy." Michael Leone, the program coordinator for the Oregon Crusaders, is very excited about the new line of equipment. He said, "How can anyone pass up a deal like this? We have the opportunity to give our members the best product to help them achieve their goal of champion. We believe Dynasty USA is the equipment to take us there." "Dynasty USA is proud to be able to welcome the Oregon Crusaders into the Dynasty USA family," said Allan Murray, vice president of sales and marketing for Dynasty USA. "The people involved with the Oregon Crusaders are first classm and the students are hard-working and are ready to seize the moment. Dynasty USA is excited about the coming year with OC and the years beyond." The Oregon Crusaders hope this deal will last for years to come and are excited to be listed with several other champion corps that Dynasty sponsors. The Oregon Crusaders are planning on marching 56 Horns, five Basses, seven snares, four tenors, 12 pit and 25 guard. You can get additional information at the Oregon Crusaders' Web site.