Impulse bounded onto the field to kick off the 27th Annual Precision West competition in Concord, Ca. Their whimsical production of "South Pacific Extravaganza" resembled a Disney theme park ride, complete with palm trees, tropical fish, dolphins, a volcano, and the first ever drum corps appearance of Wilson, the painted volleyball from the Tom Hanks Movie, Castaway.

The Division III defending champions, and now Division II participants, the Seattle Cascades took the field with intensity. Their impressive geometrical drill forms and brightly colored flags added a driving tension to their searing and potent performance of, "The Veneration." They were the Division II silver medallist.

The Mandarins led the crowd on a flamboyant ride through the staccato rhythms and legato melodies of British band composer, Phillip Sparke. Then Mandarins were the Division II gold medallist.

Esperanza displayed their great range in character by quickly changing moods during last night's performance of, "Songs of Ceremony." Their mellophone ripped through "Liturgical Dances," and their small brass choir performed beautifully through the majestic ballad, "On a Hymnsong of Lowell Mason."

The Vanguard Cadets began their show with a dynamic performance of "Tempered Steel," and ended with exciting and complex piece, "Time to Take Back the Knights," by Stephen Melillo. The Vanguard Cadets were awarded the Division II bronze medal.

The Blue Devils B color guard highlighted the complex suite of moods in Phillip Sparke's, "Dance Movements," with beautiful splashes of yellow, purple and fuchsia flags.

With their youngest member of age 4, the Blue Devils C corps took the audience on what could be the cutest "Movie Time Adventure," ever produced.

The Renegades senior corps, had their second successful nigh of bringing the crowd to their feet with their jazzy samba beats and screaming lead sopranos.

The Cadets brought a colorful blend of music and motion to the field. The crowd exploded out of their seats showing their appreciation, and that The Cadets are welcome in California anytime! The Cadets were the silver medallist.

The Blue Knights dazzled the Precision West crowd with playful march melodies, and their exciting cartoon adventure, "Blue Toons."

The Santa Clara Vanguard's, "New Era Metropolis" was a dizzying ride through a jazzy urban life. Make sure you see their Hip/Hop "New Era" breakdown that leads to the finale "New Era Dance." The Santa Clara Vanguard was the bronze medal recipient last night.

The Blue Devils captured the Precision West home crowd with complex rhythms, searing horns, and a stunning color guard. The Blue Devils were the Precision West gold medallist. Stay tuned to see how the competition unfolds between the Santa Clara Vanguard, The Cadets, and the Blue Devils when they enter into the Southern California tour.