From a Racine Scouts press release: "Fielding just over 30 members in 2002, we started the 2003 season with 35 in attendance at our first camp in December. We have continued to add members at both the January and February camps. The greatest growth has been in the brass section, which has almost doubled in size from last year, and in the color guard, which has more than tripled in size from the end of last season. "The brass and percussion sections added "Moonraker" to the 2003 show repertoire, while the color guard focused on equipment and dance technique. Continuing to build on the progress of the first two camps of the season, the brass and percussion sections combined at the end of the weekend to demonstrate their proficiency for the color guard and a group of spectators (which grows at every camp right along with the corps). This group of spectators includes parents, alumni and members of the board of directors." For more information go to