Some 350 members of the drum corps community came together last week in Indianapolis for the 2020 DCI Annual Meetings and Rules Congress.

Much like steel scaffolding you’d find on a construction site, the vast Drum Corps International universe continues to be a work in progress. With a meeting theme of Scaffolding for Success, the focus of the past weekend's gathering centered on continuing to provide the support structure surrounding the entire enterprise to enable the continued growth, reinforcement and ongoing development of each of the areas which come together to former the greater whole of Drum Corps International.

Wednesday, January 8

2020 DCI Annual Meeting and Rules Congress overview

New directors gain insights, get acclimated with pre-meeting briefing sessions

5 key talking points with IN STEP chair Genevieve Geisler

Thursday, January 9

VIDEO: Welcome to the 2020 DCI Annual Meetings & Rules Congress

Q&A with Madison Scouts' Chris Komnick

Q&A with The Cavaliers' Monte Mast

RECAP: DCI Annual Meetings — Thursday

Friday, January 10

VIDEO: 2020 DCI Tour updates

Q&A with Seattle Cascades' Brian Smith

VIDEO: Pacific Crest's Stuart Pompel on the future of drum corps

VIDEO: Boston's Chris Holland talks props and prop safety

VIDEO: Looking ahead to #DCI2020's streaming schedule

VIDEO: Corps housing and how you can get involved

VIDEO: 2020 Rules Congress gets underway

VIDEO: On 2020's any-instrument rules proposal

RECAP: DCI Annual Meetings — Friday

Saturday, January 11

Q&A with Boston Crusaders' Chris Holland

VIDEO: Latest from the Marching Music Health, Wellness & Safety Project

VIDEO: The future of weather safety in DCI

VIDEO: Discussing diversity and inclusion in DCI

VIDEO: 2020 instructors caucus voting results

2020 DCI Rules Congress voting results

RECAP: DCI Annual Meetings — Saturday

Sunday, January 12

Newly-elected DCI Board of Directors members attend first meeting of 2020