This summer, drum corps fans seeking a fix can get up-to-date Web diaries from various drum corps sites around the Web. Here's a quick roundup: From the Cavaliers' Web site, penned by Jeff Fiedler: Lights were out at 11 pm tonight (and a few guys were asleep before that!) as we were exhausted from another intense day of rehearsal. We've been going at it pretty hard since Memorial Day Monday ( we had camp that weekend, but the intensity turned up dramatically during the days since) and the last two days have been particularly challenging and rewarding at the same time. Everyone (all the new guys) has started to acclimate to learning drill "The Cavalier Way" at this point, and when Mike Gaines sends us charts to learn, we devour them. Read more.

From the Cadets' Web site, written by drum major Matt Haines: Today was the first day in over half a week that the horn line marched and played at the same time. The CD recording is done, the rain is gone, and our undivided focus is now on preparing for the show.

In marching we learned some more drill for "Thick as a Brick," our third tune. We also cleaned some stuff in the opener.

In sectionals the horn line worked parts of the opener in small sections. Then the full brass got together and put music to "Thick's" drill. Read more. From the Crossmen Web site, written by baritone Bridget Benson: So here are a list of the cool things that have happened at spring training this week: -Sleeping in Monday morning (disclaimer: the Crossmen don't ever sleep in)
-Full run of the show, aka the end of the music meets the end of the drill.
-Ballad day
-My awesome visual tech moved in for the summer
-My brass tech made a surprise visit for two days
-Learning to dance with the guard
-Home shows this weekend.
-Fergie (Becky's dog) came to visit Read more. From the Blue Devils' Web site, written by guard member Isleen Pinpin: This past weekend was Jerry Seawright's memorial service. After a long day of preparing for the event, it was worth the while. The whole Blue Devils organization helped out in setting up the Blue Devils bingo hall into a classy space. It was especially cool when we had to arrange all 11 DCI World Championship trophies in order as part of the decoration for Jerry Seawright's service. I felt in awe just in the presence of it all ... the Blue Devils' history. Also, it was amazing to see Blue Devil alumnis join the current BD corps in a piece entitled "Chasing the Clouds Away," which I may say was very moving. It was definitely a full of waiting around to see what's going to happen next, but when it came time for the service, everything ran smoothly and represented the organization in the best possible way with respect to Mr. Jerry Seawright. Read more.