From a Strutters press release: The Strutters of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, will go inactive for the 2005 season. This extremely difficult decision was made due to financial and staffing problems, which proved beyond our ability to resolve in time to save the season. "We sincerely regret this announcement has come so late in the year.
We are actively assisting all of our members who wish to march, and are eligible, to find positions with other corps," said Steve J. Kuervers, director at large of the Sturutters. The Strutters will continue to maintain their funding activity and recruitment drive. As of June 11, 2005, they have a complete board of directors, and a vibrant community of members, parents, support staff and trainers. In addition, the Board is pleased to announce that Pauline and Gerald Huber have agreed to participate as advisory members to the board of directors during this transition period. "Our recruiting drive will continue through the summer, resulting in strong corps participation for the 2006 season," Kuervers said.