From a Cavaliers press release: For the 2007 drum corps season, the Cavaliers will explore the music of one of the world's most celebrated musicians: Billy Joel. Scott Koter, the Cavaliers' program coordinator, said: "When considering concepts, the obvious is often overlooked. Billy Joel's music has the distinctiveness and diversity that is so important to a great show. It's been fun discovering his vast repertoire, including an entire CD of classical piano works. The design team is excited about combining our process with his melodies." Joel is a difficult musician to categorize. A six-time Grammy award winner, his creativity has been influenced by everything from classical music to Broadway, rock, jazz, blues, punk, gospel and even rap. His deeply personal compositions are a reflection of our life and times, allowing him to create an emotional connection with his audience. Joel's talent is evident in his accomplishments: He's achieved multiple top ten hits in each of the past three decades and remains one of the best-selling artists worldwide.
"After our November audition camps in Houston and Rosemont, it's exciting to watch the design team—who are all returning members from our 2006 staff—dig into this concept," said Cavaliers director Jeff Fiedler. "As the program continues to develop, we look forward to sharing more details about this production with the drum corps community, as well as our membership as we head into two more auditions in Atlanta and Dallas in the next two weeks."