The Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps of Casper, Wyo., have launched an ambitious program to raise the remaining $80,000 needed to purchase new bugles in the key of G by December 2002. Over the last eight months, the corps has been involved in many fund-raising efforts, but need additional funds to meet this goal."Our corps has been 'making do' with a set of G horns for some time. The corps purchased some of the horns we are still using today in the early '80s and it's time we invest in a new set," said Troopers corps director Mathew Krum.When asked about the key of the horns to be purchased, Krum replied, "Drum corps fans expect the Troopers to be traditionalists. The drum corps activity has evolved in the key of G and that's where we want to stay. Besides, there is nothing like the wide open sound of a G bugle line."Troopers Bingo, TPI sales and other annual events are adding cash to the Bugle Fund. Additionally, two events are presently underway which will also add funds to the account, but still more help is needed. These events, a classic car raffle and drum corps memorabilia auctions on eBay, will conclude shortly. For more information about these events, go to For the remainder of the 2002 DCI Summer Music Games, the Troopers "Sheepwagon" souvenir truck will have a "Donation Barrel" seeking donations from drum corps fans.If you would like to contribute to the Troopers Bugle Fund, the Troopers ask that you visit their Web site to download ( the Bugle Fund form. "No amount is too small; every bit helps us reach our goal," Krum said.The Troopers will be purchasing 20 sopranos, 10 mellophones, 20 baritones and 10 contra bass bugles as funds become available.