2013 Spirit of Atlanta
World and Open Class corps members can benefit from a scholarship program that specifically targets marching cymbalists. The Κψµβοσ (Greek for cymbal, sometimes spelled Kymbos and pronounced kim-bose) scholarship is offered exclusively to marching cymbal performers and recognizes the fellowship and dedication of this special percussion sub-section's members. This is the third year that Κψµβοσ has sponsored scholarships for DCI corps members, which are funded through the sale of a special pair of gloves specifically designed to aid marching cymbal players. "We are really excited about the progression of the Κψµβοσ scholarship in the past year," said Κψµβοσ co-founder Chelsea Levine, who along with co-founder Jack Borland, is an instructional staff member with Spirit of Atlanta. "With the launch of CymbalGloves.com we were able to raise more money than ever for both WGI and DCI cymbal players." In 2014, Κψµβοσ will award five $400 scholarships to World Class cymbal players with three $350 scholarships available to Open Class members. An application form is available for download from CymbalScholarship.com with a deadline for submissions coming up on Friday, May 9. "It's amazing to see the growth of the cymbal community in just a year's time in terms of support and innovation with the instrument," Levine said. "It makes it really easy to justify the time spent on this growing project when the performers are so worthy." Learn more at CymbalScholarship.com.