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DCI Performers Showcase - Venue 3
August 8, 2018
Indianapolis, IN

Percussion - Timpani

1Tanner Effinger (Raiders)85.000
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Percussion - Snare

1Cameron Cavender (Santa Clara Vanguard)97.000
2Carter Smith (Blue Devils)94.500
3Damien Masterson (Mandarins)94.000
4Kiichi Kobayashi (Blue Devils B)93.000
5Ricky Gil de Montes (Blue Devils)90.000
6Andrew Busch (The Diplomats)88.000
7David Green (Oregon Crusaders)87.500
8Keegan Watts (Shadow)87.000
9Matthew Shippey (Oregon Crusaders)86.500
10Christian Amezquita (Impulse)86.000
11Joshua Gilliam (Spirit of Atlanta)85.500
12Ethan Laib (Shadow)85.000
13Brennan Pierce (Louisiana Stars)84.500
14Ben Calongcagong (The Diplomats)78.500
15RaiKwon Green (Louisiana Stars)77.000
16Kieran Jenkins (7th Regiment)76.500
17Nathaniel Abadilla (Golden Empire)75.500
18Matthew Uhrich (Blue Devils B)74.500
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Percussion - Multi-Tenor

1Josh Hirner (Santa Clara Vanguard)94.000
2William Mitsuk (Blue Devils)92.500
3Elijah Jones (Blue Devils)91.000
4Luis Garcia (Pacific Crest)86.500
5Frank Peacock (Blue Devils B)85.000
6James Swiger (Spartans)83.500
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Percussion - Multi-Percussion

1Zachary Hudson (Blue Devils)95.000
2Michael Dy (Blue Devils B)94.500
3Rachel Elliott (Pioneer)90.500
4Wesley Gordon (Golden Empire)79.500
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Percussion - Keyboard

1Nicholas Soden (Blue Devils)96.500
2Amanda Steinhauer (Blue Devils)94.000
3Sarah Culbertson (Santa Clara Vanguard)93.500
4Madison Cheng (Blue Devils B)90.000
5Nathan McLaughlin (Blue Stars)87.500
6Riley Berens (Shadow)84.500
7Josh Koester (Mandarins)84.000
8Logan Gammill (Mandarins)83.000
9John Wayne Duke (Spirit of Atlanta)82.000
10Jerred Clardy (Seattle Cascades)81.500
11Jonathan Williams (Oregon Crusaders)79.500
12Jack Patterson (Shadow)78.500
13Matt Hauser (Oregon Crusaders)77.500
14Sean Mitchell (Blue Devils B)77.000
15Derek Haag (Pioneer)75.000
16Trenton VerKuilen (Blue Devils B)73.500
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