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The Academy

What’s a day in the life like with the Academy? Check out this time-lapse video to find out.

Blue Devils

This Monday, the Blue Devils’ System Blue division will present an educational workshop in Baodi, Tianjin, China.

Blue Knights

Ascend Performing Arts, the parent organization of the Blue Knights, made several updates to its administrative staff.


Donnie VanDoren (brass advisor) and Aaron Beck (audio systems designer) will join the Bluecoats’ 2016 instructional staff.

Boston Crusaders

Marty O’Donnell has been hired by the Boston Crusaders to work on the corps’ music design team. O’Donnell is well-known in the music industry for his work on video game series including “Riven,” “Myth,” “Halo” and “Destiny.” “ “The addition of Marty to our team is further proof that we are very serious about creating at the highest level,” executive director Chris Holland said.

The Cadets

Youth Education in the Arts, the parent organization of the Cadets, seeks a controller to head its accounting department. "This is not a finance job where you do the numbers and sit back. This is about making programs better," executive director George Hopkins said about the position. "This is about growing what we have done here into what we cannot even imagine."

Carolina Crown

In this educational video, a Carolina Crown brass staffer gives a one-minute lesson in staggered breathing.


Colts set its 2016 instructional staffs for the brass, color guard and visual captions. "While the entire group is together for the first time, there is a lot of familiarity among the technicians and caption heads between each of the sections,” program coordinator Howard Weinstein said.

Music City

Music City recently debuted a new website. Stop by for the latest news and information on the corps upcoming auditions.

Oregon Crusaders

Adam Sage is the latest addition to Oregon Crusaders’ design staff. The team will be led in 2016 by program coordinator Ian Flint. “We couldn’t be more excited to bring this caliber of talent and experience to our membership this year,” executive director Mike Quillen said.

Pacific Crest

Luis Cardenas Casillas and Pablo Coppola will join Pacific Crest’s 2016 instructional team as brass caption head and visual caption head respectively.

Spirit of Atlanta

Michael McIntosh will work with Spirit of Atlanta in 2016 in the role of sound designer and creative consultant. “As a well established and respected leader and innovator in sound design, Michael will enable us to push our musical boundaries in new and exciting ways,” director Chris Moore said.


Sean Noah will join the 2016 Southwind staff serving as program coordinator.


The Troopers’ 2016 visual staff will be led by caption head Bob Barfield.

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