Drum corps veterans Tom Float, Donnie VanDoren and Scott Chandler have been elected to the Drum Corps International Hall of Fame for 2004. The three were elected for DCI Hall of Fame selection by the board of directors and DCI hall of fame members, and join Barry Bell and Stephanie Lynde, who were elected to the Drum Corp International Hall of Fame by the DCI Hall of Fame Legacy Committee. Donnie Van Doren began his drum corps teaching career in 1979 with the Crossmen brass line. In 1980 he became brass caption head for the Garfield Cadets, remaining in that role until 1984 and overseeing that corps as it began its 1980s run at a string of World Championships. In 1985 Van Doren became brass caption head for the Star of Indiana, who won DCI World Championships in 1991. As that corps evolved into the Broadway musical "Blast!", Van Doren assumed that show's associate producer responsibilities. "Donnie simply knows how to organize materials and people, prioritize objectives, establish timelines, and motivate students and staff alike. The effect is a well-understood, simplified approach, which consistently produces superior results," DCI Hall of Famer Thomas Hannum, said in his nomination letter. "The fact that Donnie hails from a drum corps background is a tribute to our activity and his ideals. It is no coincidence that he has been consistently involved with innovative programs and a central ingredient to their success. It is time for DCI to embrace the long-standing excellence of Mr. Van Doren's work and acknowledge his influence on drum corps." Tom Float began marching and teaching with the Anaheim Kingsmen in 1972, where he remained until 1974. In 1975 he became assistant to the Freelancers' Don Silva, and from 1976 to 1990, Float's drum lines (he was percussion caption head at the Etobicoke-Oakland Crusaders, Spirit of Atlanta and the Blue Devils) placed lower than fifth only twice. Since 1990 Float has worked with the Velvet Knights, developed music programs at Disneyland and has continued his responsibilities as a clinician (Float has been a clinician virtually his entire career). "Excellence, creativity and passion is the signature of a Tom Float percussion ensemble. It is a true honor to add my voice to the nomination of Tom Float into the DCI Hall of Fame," said DCI Hall of Famer Rodney Goodhart in his nomination letter. Scott Chandler began his drum corps career marching with the Madison Scouts' guard in the late 1970s. After aging out, Chandler embarked on a teaching career that found him instructing the Bridgemen, Spirit of Atlanta and the Cadets. Since 1990 and a California relocation, Chandler has been associated with the Blue Devils, where he currently serves as program coordinator/choreographer. "For over 20 years, Scott has grown within drum corps and has contributed to the enormous appeal of the programs we see on the field. Certainly, drum corps has changed and has had a great deal of success recently. The success of recent years can be attributed to many events. At the core of any success we find the participants, both in the staffs and performers. The joyous way in which Scott's guards perform is a part of the overall success. The creativity of his work has brought added enthusiasm to our stages," said George Oliviero, a DCI Hall of Famer who nominated Chandler, in his nomination letter. Full biographies of Van Doren, Chandler and Float, as well as Barry Bell and Stephanie Lynde, will be posted in DCI.org in the coming weeks.