Jay Bocook

An enthusiastic educator and influential creator of music, Jay Bocook’s arrangements can be heard everywhere from the Olympic games to the Kennedy Center to the Drum Corps International field.

“Jay is a great musician, a great arranger, and an even better person,” says Cadets Executive Director and Hall of Famer, George Hopkins. “He has made The Cadets more of who they are, and he has made the entire activity … just a little better.” Hopkins credits Bocook as a key contributor for four Cadets’ World Championships, five silver, and three bronze medals.

“Jay not only arranges and composes music, he communicates,” Hopkins says. “His unique ability to utilize any voice or device is part of what makes him stand out.” Those who know him say that as a teacher he sets high expectations, but also has a passion for nurturing talent and helping his students achieve their goals.

Listen to a special Field Pass interview with Bocook.

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